Big Mountain Daddy: A Secret Baby Romance by B. B. Hamel

Big Mountain Daddy: A Secret Baby Romance

Book Title: Big Mountain Daddy: A Secret Baby Romance

Release Date: 2018-02-05

Author: B. B. Hamel

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B. B. Hamel with Big Mountain Daddy: A Secret Baby Romance

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One sentence changed my life:
“I dare you to f**k me.”

It starts with an interview, but it ends up in bed.
That rich, gorgeous, reclusive bastard dares me to sleep with him.
But he wasn’t supposed to get me pregnant.
So I have to track him down to his mountain mansion to tell him the truth.
Except as soon as I get there, the snow starts falling.
And it doesn't stop until we’re trapped together.
One week in his house, the only two people in the world.
Except for his baby, growing inside me.
I don’t think I can tell him.
But he wants me, and he’s going to have me.
One week of hiding this secret as he makes me feel things I never imagined.
His hands on my hips.
His lips against my throat.
I want more so badly, but something’s holding him back.
He has a dark past. There’s a reason he’s hiding out here.
He needs to know about the baby, but I want the truth about him first.
I’ll have to get down on my knees and ask very, very nicely.
I have to make him happy.
Give him everything he needs.
And then… he’ll give me what I want and much, much more.

Big Mountain Daddy is an over-the-top mountain exciting romance with tons of steamy scenes, some graphic violence, and bad language. It’s only recommended for readers 18+.

Big Mountain Daddy is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA. Includes bonus content!