Hockey Analytics: A Game-Changing Perspective by Stephen Shea

Hockey Analytics: A Game-Changing Perspective

Book Title: Hockey Analytics: A Game-Changing Perspective

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1977533493

Author: Stephen Shea

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Stephen Shea with Hockey Analytics: A Game-Changing Perspective

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A fraction of a second can be the difference between a one-timer finding the back of the net and a blocked shot that starts transition the other way. In the fast and fluid game of hockey, time and space drive success.

But hockey analytics hasn’t appreciated these two most important factors. It hasn’t respected the complexity of the game…until now.

Backed by the findings of an original study never before released to the public, Hockey Analytics demonstrates that—whether it is a failed pinch in the offensive zone, a missed rotation in the defensive zone or other blunder—the vast majority of goals are scored when the defense’s positioning is compromised. The authors identify the actions that give players the time and space to read, react and execute. Their findings will shock even the most experienced hockey minds and call into question strategies regularly employed by the game’s best coaches.

It is simple, actionable and nothing like you’ve seen before. Whether you’re a fan, player or coach, Hockey Analytics will change how you experience hockey.